The Viking Theatre Company has grown to a new level over the past few years.  Annually, we host UIL - One Act Play, we created and have produced the Jerry Baber Awards the past four years, and we produce shows that challenge the students to work hard, think outside the box, and challenge some of their ideals.  The sky is the limit for the future of the Viking Theatre Company!

Dulles High School has a long, rich history in the arts.  The award winning band, Dulles Dolls, the great orchestra, and choir are all on the rise.  The theatre department has joined these great organizations in being one of the best places for a high school student to receive the knowledge they need to succeed in theatre and to learn valuable life lessons.

Our department is committed to producing shows that range from classics to contemporary. Our shows will be chosen to help educate and entertain the audience.  We will always want a reaction from the audience.  We are believers that any reaction is a positive reaction because it means that the audience has been moved.  

If the audience hasn't been moved then we failed as a director. ‚Äč


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